Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dell PERC controllers and Solaris

By default Solaris doesn't include tools for monitoring and management of Dell RAID adapters, but most  of this card  ( PERC H700, 6/i ... ) are re-branded LSI controllers.
Even if the adapter is used in a materialistic config ( almost JBOD ) and RAID functionality is delegated to ZFS I'd prefer to have at least some visibility on the state of the card ( battery, memory ... )

Solaris 10 is using mega_sas ( LSI ) drivers, so for configuration , monitoring, etc ...  you can safely use MegaCli utility which can be downloaded form LSI support site.

Not sure if it will be officially supported by Dell or Oracle, but it works -  personally tested on H700 and 6i - just make sure that you are running it using root privileges.

As a monitoring tool  -  raid-monitor  can be used with Xymon .  It generates an alert if current state differs from generated "good" reference-file.

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